Implausible Dream Comes True – Car Loans For Unemployed Students

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Implausible Dream Comes True – Car Loans For Unemployed Students

Post  jackob2916 on Wed Feb 17, 2010 9:51 pm

Even students without a steady job desire a car. It seemed an impossible task until student auto loans came into being for unemployed students. Financing institutions have understood the plight of many youngsters, and offer such loans. However, there is a catch. Typically these loans are secured loans. So, if the student fails to make payments at any point of time, the car will be repossessed by the lenders.

Car dealers and lenders may obligate the student to bring a cosigner. The cosigner is a security blanket for the loan providers. Car loan and student have a symbiotic relationship. The auto loan is secured by the vehicle itself. So, lenders can recoup the loan amount from the value of the car. On the other hand, the student has to remain current on the loan. In case of any indiscretion from the student’s side, the cosigner will be approached by the lenders. Cosigners can be parents, other family members, or even friends. And if they back out, the student loses the automobile.

There are several springs of new car loans for students in the market. Banks, credit unions, lending institutions, and car dealers offer car loans to students, provided a reliable cosigner accompanies them. In any case it is advisable for students to shop around and check out all their options before picking a particular lender.
Two things to bear mind while looking for an auto loan:

1. Affordability: It is not just the loan payments, a list of other costs tag along with the car. Fuel, maintenance, insurance, and so on. So, students should carefully plan their budget. Purchase the car as a sound judgment and not under a whim.
2. Flexibility: Choose a lender that has the best car loan rates, yet offers some bending of repayment rules. For example, permission to make payments according to university course period.

Since most auto loans offered to students is without the basic requirements of steady income and good credit history, it is obvious that the new car loan rate will be higher. However, a cosigner with excellent credit rating can bring down the rates to some extent. Plus, arranging a larger down payment to cover a good portion of the principal slices the financing amount, and in turn reduces the interest burden.

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